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...Just got my shirt the other day. Was happy with the quality.

Nick M

...Everything came in great!

Anthony G

...It shipped to me and was just what I ordered.

Erin M

...Received everything. Thank you!

Gil B

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It started with a social media post in 2021. While working with students getting them introduced to light sparring, another group was in the background all geared up and getting after it. The post stated, "I'm working with some newer students on getting accustomed to the Spar Life..."

That's where the phrase was born.

Sparring isn't fighting, nor is it really meant to be a competition. It's a method of training that gets one prepared for those endeavors. In the end, it's meant to make the student or combat sport athlete better. Sparring isn't for everyone, and that's okay. However, to those that put in the work, and spend all of the hours in the gym, on the mats, or wherever you conduct your training in order to simply get better...RESPECT!

Our goal is simply to create a brand unique to those who spar, or who enjoy the act of sparring. Be it boxing or kickboxing, wrestling or submission grappling, Gi or NoGi, weapons, self-defense, etc. It's all good! 

Browse through our ever-growing product gallery and experience shopping with #SparLife for yourself.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

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